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Specializing in areas of study such as advanced infrastructure systems and materials, construction management, geotechnical and water resources engineering and environmental engineering, our students are changing the world — from providing clean drinking water to building tomorrow’s advanced infrastructure.

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Civil Engineering

bridge, road and hard hats

Civil engineers plan, design, construct and maintain buildings, roads, bridges, railways, dams, water supplies and wastewater treatment systems.

Architectural Engineering

interior space

Architectural engineers construct, design, plan and operate all facets of a building. The focus mainly involves structure, stability and sustainability.

Environmental Engineering

woods and water

Environmental engineers detect and solve problems that can affect the safety and natural integrity of air, water and land.

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2021 GAANN Flyer Image

GAANN PROGRAM (Graduate assistance in areas of national need)

We are recruiting highly-motivated doctoral students in civil engineering. Projects will focus on infrastructure preservation and resilience with emerging technologies. The program is centered on materials, pavement, geotechnical, structural, and transportation engineering research areas and will extend to other civil engineering areas as well. Download the GAANN Flyer for more information.