Construction Engineering

Construction engineering and management research investigates different challenges related to sustainable infrastructure and resilient hazard management, decision and risk management, contract and dispute management, planning management, safety management, energy management and agro-ecology management.


Meet the Experts

Interested in discussing the research we are working on or learning more? Please contact:

Islam El-adaway

Hurst/McCarthy Professor
Director, Missouri Consortium for Construction Innovation

Eric Showalter

Assistant Chair and Teaching Professor,
Civil Engineering

Facilities and Labs

Civil Infrastructure System-of-Systems Interdependency Laboratory. In the lab, you will investigate how an integrated approach -- based on broad system interdependencies in a human-made environment -- can mitigate the management challenges associated with infrastructure sustainability. You will gain the technical knowledge necessary for designing, constructing, managing, maintaining, restoring, operating, and protecting efficient, resilient, and sustainable communities. The laboratory uses research tools, including multi-agent based modeling, system dynamics simulation, social network analysis and graph theory, game and auction theory, option and hedging theory, bootstrapping and resampling techniques, and statistical factor analysis. This facility makes good use of today’s technology-based research tools including geographic information systems, big spatiotemporal databases, remote image sensing and building-information modeling.

Affiliated Centers

The Center for Infrastructure Engineering Systems (CIES) focuses on the rehabilitation of bridges and buildings by applying new materials, such as self-consolidating, fiber-reinforced composite materials.

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The Center for Research in Energy and Environment (CREE) serves as the focal point of research, development, and deployment related to energy and environmental technologies.

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