About us

Gary White, CE '85, MS CE '87, knew what his life was going to be about — bringing safe drinking water to people living without it.

Our department has a rich tradition of preparing the best “street-ready” engineers to address global challenges. With our world-class facilities, renowned researchers and dedicated faculty, we are proud to be the only civil engineering program in Missouri to have been ranked as a top 25 undergraduate program by U.S. News & World Report. Educated in specialized areas such as materials, geotechnical and water resources engineering, and pollution control, our graduates recognize the importance of improving our national security, safeguarding human health and maintaining our country’s aging infrastructure.

World-renowned experts serve as our faculty, yet they remain highly accessible to students. Even as freshmen, our students interact daily with full-time faculty members.

Our students are preparing to face the challenges of 2020 and beyond in key areas such as:

  • building sustainability
  • innovative and resilient infrastructure materials and systems
  • energy and the environment
  • detection, assessment and mitigation of health-threatening pollutants

Our teaching and research laboratories are among the best in the nation, providing opportunities for hands-on experience for all students. Research centers housed within the department enhance the curriculum and offer both undergraduate and graduate students ample opportunity to participate in cutting-edge projects with significant societal impact.

Since our department’s founding in 1873, civil engineers from Missouri S&T have left a lasting mark on the world. They have built our nation’s navigation systems, skyscrapers, water and wastewater treatment systems, made remarkable contributions in business and provided better access to safe water and sanitation. Read more about our Alumni of Influence.

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