Architectural Engineering

Graduate Degree Option

  • Master of Science, M.S., in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Architectural Engineering

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Areas of Study

  • Visit the Civil Engineering Graduate page to learn about the areas of study, admissions requirements, the application checklist and funding and research interests.

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Graduate studies in architectural engineering focuses on design and managing of sustainable building systems in a choice of structures, construction and mechanical and electrical systems in buildings. Courses in several multi-disciplinary areas are available to develop a plan of study that fits the interests and needs of each individual student. Research areas include energy and environmental design as it relates to green building systems, sustainable building design and interdisciplinary work. In addition to the Structural Engineering Lab, the university’s solar and eco village, with its six solar houses, provide a test bed for research on various sustainable building systems.

  • Building Systems
    The building systems focus is unique to the campus as it provides students with an interest in learning about more of the mechanical and electrical systems of a building. It also covers additional topics including indoor air quality, renewable energy systems, lighting, acoustics and advanced environmental controls.
  • Construction Engineering
    In the construction area there are courses such as project management, contracts and construction, cost estimating and project scheduling. There are additional courses that lend itself towards sustainable design including green engineering, energy and sustainability management engineering just to name a few.
  • Structural Engineering
    Studies in structures will provide students who are interested in learning more about in depth forms of structural materials such as advanced reinforced concrete or advanced steel design. There are other structural forms that may be explored including masonry and wood design.