Academy of Civil Engineers By-laws


A. Mission

To recognize outstanding alumni who bring honor to the department as engineering practitioners and leaders in community affairs.

B. Goals

  • To provide organized assistance to the department;
  • To improve the educational experience of the students;
  • When called upon, to provide advisory guidance and counsel to the department chair, faculty or students;
  • To strengthen the dedication to and understanding of students to civil engineering through personal and professional example;
  • To advance the objectives of the development program by identifying, securing, and providing financial support for the department;
  • And to help the University achieve national prominence in civil engineering education.


A. Active Members shall be limited to living individuals duly elected and subject to the following conditions and considerations:

1. Each Active Member shall hold a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla granted at least twenty years prior to election and meet the requirements of one of the following categories.

    1. An outstanding engineer practitioner and/or possesses recognized expertise in one or more fields of civil engineering.
    2. An outstanding and recognized leader who has achieved distinction in a chosen field other than civil engineering.
    3. An outstanding and recognized academician, scientist, or researcher in civil engineering or other chosen field.

2. An active member shall be a person worthy of emulation and someone the community sees as a leader and a role model for young people with recognition based on the following attributes:

    1. A leader of people or a project of unusual scope or concept, or a business that has achieved outstanding success.
    2. Active in professional or career organizations.
    3. A recipient of honors in the nominee’s profession or career.
    4. Active in the community by involvement in public service, service organizations and/or charitable causes. 
    5. Be an active lecturer or writer on subjects related to the nominee’s chosen field.

3.  Each Active Member shall have been elected by letter ballot (Section IV).

4.An Elected Active Member shall be present for induction as an Active Member at the first Induction Ceremony held after election. An Elected Member who accepts but who cannot be present at this Induction Ceremony may elect to be inducted at the next annual induction ceremony. An Elected Member who is unable to appear at either scheduled induction ceremony shall have the invitation to membership withdrawn.

B. Honorary Members shall be limited to living or deceased individuals duly elected and subject to conditions that:

  1. A person to be considered for Honorary Membership shall be a graduate in civil engineering from a university other than the University of Missouri-Rolla and who possesses the qualities necessary for Active Membership in the Academy.
  2. Each Honorary Member shall have the unanimous approval of the Directors and have been elected by letter ballot (Section IV).
  3. At no time shall the number of living Honorary Members exceed ten percent of the Active Members.
  4. Honorary Members shall have all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of Active Members except that they shall not be officers of the Board of Directors.
  5. An elected Honorary Member’s induction shall be held at the first Induction Ceremony following election.  Honorary Members may be inducted in absentia.

C. Distinguished Past Members – Active Members will automatically be reclassified as Distinguished Past Members upon their death.

D. The Department Chairman, unless an active member, shall be an ex-officio member of the Academy.


A. By September 1 of each year the Secretary-Treasurer shall solicit nominations from the Active Members. Active Members may nominate any individual who meets qualifications for active member as stated in II.A.1 and IIA.2 or Honorary Member as stated in II.B.1. Nominations must be responsive to the Nomination Guidelines outlined in III.C (below) and must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer by September 15 each year.

B. A committee of senior faculty appointed by the Chairman of the Department shall be empowered to nominate individuals who are qualified under II.A.1 and II.A.2. Nominations by this committee must be responsive to the Nomination Guidelines outlined in III.C (below) and submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer by October 1 each year.

C. Nominations shall conform to the following guidelines as a minimum:

  1. Specific Data: Full name, address, business title (if any), name of spouse (if any), Name(s) and date(s) of University degree(s), Professional chronology, including name of organization, business title, dates for each significant engagement
  2. Organizational memberships, including offices held and significant honorary titles
  3. Civic activities
  4. Awards and honors:  List significant awards and honors conveyed on the nominee by his or her peers, professional organizations, civic groups, etc.
  5. Lectures and articles:  List lectures given or articles written relating to the nominee’s chosen field.
  6. Statement of nomination:  The nomination must contain a statement which summarizes the particular achievements, recognitions, and/or contributions which, in the opinion of the nominator, qualify the nominee for election to the Academy of Civil Engineers.

D. The Secretary-Treasurer shall deliver the nominations to the Membership Committee by November 1 of each year.

E. The Membership Committee shall receive from the Secretary-Treasurer all nominations. They will meet; review, determine eligibility and forward the nominations which they recommend to the Board of Directors by November 15 of each year. Nominations received but not recommended may be kept on file and considered the next year. All nominations of individuals reviewed for two years, but not selected, will be dropped unless renominated.  The membership committee will notify nominators following the meeting of the status of their nominations.

F. Not more than fifteen (15) nominees for active membership shall be selected for submittal to the membership for balloting.

G. The Board of Directors shall review and certify the nominations by November 20 of each year and return them to the Secretary-Treasurer.

H. The candidates will be contacted by the Nominations Committee 90 days prior to the Induction Ceremony.


A. The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare a letter ballot carrying the names of all those certified as nominees by the Board and shall send it with nomination information to the members by November 20 of each year.  With the ballot shall be a blank envelope into which the marked ballot shall be inserted and a return envelope addressed to the Membership Committee.  By signature across the flap of the return envelope the voting member shall certify the ballot is eligible for canvassing.

B. The Membership Committee shall canvas all ballots so certified that are received by December 20 of each year.  Election requires a 75 percent affirmative vote of ballots cast.  A minimum of 25 percent of the Active Members of the Academy must cast ballots.  By December 31 of each year the Committee shall declare as elected and eligible for invitation to membership those who have qualified under IIA.3 or II.B.2, and shall so notify the Board of Directors and the Secretary-Treasurer.


A. Meetings of the Membership:

  1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the membership held at such time and at such place as shall be determined by the Board of Directors
  2.  Electronic via the Internet or teleconference meetings may be held to discuss and work on Academy business.  The Annual Meeting will not be subject to this option.
  3. Upon determination by the Board of Directors or a petition signed by one-third of the Active Membership, the Board of Directors shall call any additional membership meetings.
  4. All meetings shall be announced by mail thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting.
  5. Quorum at the Membership Meetings:
    1. Shall consist of thirty (30) percent or 18 of the Active Members, whichever is less.
    2. Every act of or decision made by a majority of those present when a quorum exists shall be an act of the membership.

B. Induction Ceremony:
There shall be an Induction Ceremony for the purpose of inducting newly elected members and it shall usually be held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting at a time and place determined by the Board of Directors.

C. Directors:

  1. The Board of Directors shall consist of six (6) Directors, the immediate past-President, President, President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and the two Vice Presidents.
  2. Vacancies on the Board of Directors occurring from death or resignation shall be filled at the next Annual Meeting of the Academy.  Members will elect a Director to complete the unexpired term for each vacancy.

D. Officers:

  1. The officers of the Board of Directors and of the Academy of Civil Engineers shall be a President, President-elect, two Vice Presidents and Secretary-Treasurer and they shall be elected by and from the Board of Directors promptly after the election of the Board by the membership, and the officers shall serve one (1) year terms.  The President-elect shall automatically become President the following year.
  2. The officers shall have such duties as are necessary to the purposes and functions of the organization and such duties as are assigned by the Board of Directors.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep and distribute to the Academy (members only) contact information on all Academy Members.
  4. Officers shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred if authorized and approved by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

E. Committees:

  1. The Board of Directors shall authorize and the President shall appoint such committees as are necessary to advance the purposes and business of the Academy.
  2. There shall be a Membership Committee of at least five (5) members, one of which shall serve as a chairman and said committee shall take such action as is necessary to comply with III.E and IVB.  A member of the committee of senior faculty defined in III.B shall serve as a non voting liaison participant on the Membership Committee.
  3. There shall be a Nominations Committee of three members which shall present a slate of candidates for election as Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Academy.  Additional nominations may be made by any member present.  There will be no vote by proxy and a simple majority of those present shall elect.


A. The Membership of the Academy at an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting may remove a member upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors Committee on Conduct, but not until such time as the Board or the Membership has heard the appeal of the member so recommended if such appeal is requested.

B. The By-Laws may be amended at any Annual Meeting where such intention has been a part of the notice of the meeting and the amendment carries the favorable recommendation of two-thirds of the Directors and a majority of the Active Members approves by secret ballot.

C. The members of the Academy of Civil Engineers are not responsible for any indebtness or liability incurred by, or for any acts performed by any member or individual, at any regular or special meeting, outing or other social activity of the Academy.


A. The Academy of Civil Engineers will be self-supporting using exclusively reserved monies deposited in the university account R-4-25034, Academy of Civil Engineers-Civil Engineering Department, said monies the result of contributions made or solicited by the members for this and additional purposes.

B. The Board of Directors shall adopt an annual budget which shall be reported to the membership and said budget will provide the Department Chairman with direction and the only authority as to the expenditure of monies from account R-4-25034, Academy of Civil Engineers-Civil Engineering Department.

C. The officers and directors will instruct the Secretary-Treasurer in such efforts as shall be made annually to maintain funds in the R-4-25034, Academy of Civil Engineers-Civil Engineering Department account pursuant to V.D. of the “STATEMENT OF AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING CONCERNING THE ACADEMY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS”.


A. A plaque or certificate of recognition and membership in the Academy will be awarded to each Active or Honorary Member at the induction ceremony.

B. A framed photograph, eight by ten inches, with a name plate, shall be prominently displayed of all members of the Academy in the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri – Rolla.

C. An up-to-date biographical sketch limited to one-hundred and fifty words will be maintained for each Honorary, Active and Distinguished Past Member of the Academy in the library or lounge of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla easily accessible to the students. The biographical sketch shall be updated every 5 -10 years by each member. The member shall be responsible to send the secretary their updated biographical sketch.


 (Revised April 2007)