Stueck Distinguished Lecture Series

Man-Chung Tang

Bridge Designer


What is innovation? How do you become innovative? Who is capable of being innovative?

3 p.m.  |  Friday, April 21  |  125 Butler-Carlton Hall

Man-Chung Tang is known for his immeasurable contributions to the bridge design industry and for the quality and innovation behind his individual designs. His career as a structural engineer has spanned more than 50 years and has encompassed designing 100-plus bridges around the globe.

About the Series

The Neil and Maurita Stueck Distinguished Lecture Series for Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering is made possible by a fund established by Maurita Stueck to honor her late husband, Neil Stueck, a 1943 civil engineering graduate of the university. One of the objectives of the Series is to bring our engineering students additional outside perspectives on issues, problems, or concerns facing our country.

Previous Stueck Lecturers have included:

  • Dr. Gene Corley, who led the federal investigation into the 9/11-collapse of the World Trade Center’s twin towers, as well as the principal investigator of the 1995 bombing and collapse of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Dr. Corley’s lecture was titled: “An Engineering Analysis of the 9/11 Attacks.”
  • Dr. Marc Edwards, the Lunsford Professor of Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech and a McArthur Fellow. Dr. Edwards’ lecture was titled: “The Science of Things That Aren’t.”
  • Dr. Henry Petroski, the Alexandar Vesic Professor of Civil Engineering at Duke University and prolific author on topics of design, success and failure and the history of engineering and technology. Dr. Petroski’s lecture was titled: “Success and Failure in Engineering: A Paradoxical Relationship.”
  • Dr. Bruce Rittman, Director of the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology, Arizona State University. Dr. Rittman’s lecture was titled: “Making Research Meet Practice in Environmental Biotechnology.”
  • Dr. Ken Hover, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University and Past President of ACI. Dr. Hover’s lecture was titled: “The Exciting First Day in the Life of Concrete.”
  • Dr. Wayne Clough, President Emeritus of Georgia Institute of Technology and Past Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Clough’s lecture was titled:  “Climate Change – An Engineering Grand Challenge for our Age.”