Academy Nominations

Nominations are solicited from active members by Oct. 1 of each year.

Active members shall be limited to living individuals duly elected and subject to the following conditions and considerations:

Each active member shall hold a degree in civil engineering from Missouri S&T granted at least 20 years prior to election and meet the requirements of ONE of the following categories:

  • an outstanding engineer practitioner and/or possesses recognized expertise in one or more fields of civil engineering
  • an outstanding and recognized leader who has achieved distinction in a chosen field other than civil engineering
  • an outstanding and recognized academician, scientist, or researcher in civil engineering or another chosen field

An active member shall be a person worthy of emulation and someone the community sees as a leader and a role model for young people with recognition based on the following attributes:

  • a leader of people or a project of unusual scope or concept, or a business that has achieved outstanding success
  • active in professional or career organizations
  • a recipient of honors in the nominee's profession or career
  • active in the community by involvement in public service, service organizations and/or charitable causes
  • be an active lecturer or writer on subjects related to the nominee's chosen field

Each active member shall have been elected by letter ballot.

An elected active member shall be present for induction as an active member at the first induction ceremony held after election.

Nomination Form

If you know someone that meets the above criteria, please fill out and submit the following form.

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Organization website URL (if available):
State(s) licensed as Professional Engineer:
Degree Institution Year*
*One must be from MSM/UMR and must be at least 20 years ago.

Career History:
Position/Title Organization Location Year

Professional/Technical Societies or Organizations:
Organization Office or Activity Year(s)

Civic or Social Organizations:
Organization Office or Activity Year(s)

Awards and Honors:
Award Granting Body Year

Family, Interests, Hobbies, Amazing Fact(s)

Statement of Nomination

Nominating Member of ACE:

Feel free to send additional supporting information to Marsha Grayer